Promotional Video

Video is more prevalent than over.  Phone can shoot high quality video and video cameras like the GoPro are small, cheap and easy to use.  YouTube and sites like it have become juggernauts of video content.  On top of that, every one of our devices talk to each other making it easier to search, share post and re-post video on all of these sites.  The short of it is, video is where its at, and it's where your business needs to be.

Businesses are realizing that promotional video content on their website and across their social media platforms is very important. Your customers expect more from your website and your social media.  They want more connectivity and interaction.  If your customers can see your business's products or services in action or hear from you or your clients through a well produced video, they'll connect with your business instantly and more effectively.  And with video on your site and social media, search engines bump you up in the ratings, driving traffic and sales.

What happens when a visitor gets to your site?  Just having a video can get them there, but what if the video isn't engaging or lacks quality?  They won't be on you site for long.  Our approach is to tell the story of your business, your products and your services that weaves into your web and social media and connects your customers to your business.  There is a story behind every business.  GreenCastle Video Productions knows how to tell it.

We produce video for websites, television, presentations and other platforms for businesses and non-profits all over New England.  We've produced promotional video for services, products, testimonials, how-to videos plus video content for conferences, tradeshow booths and many other venues.  We are located on the South Shore of Massachusetts in Plymouth, traveling everyone in the country to tell the story of businesses and nonprofits.

Cindy's Kitchen from GreenCastle Video Productions on Vimeo.

Roast Kitchen - New York City from GreenCastle Media on Vimeo.

Plimoth Plantation Artisans from GreenCastle Media on Vimeo.

RueShare from GreenCastle Media on Vimeo.

Plum Market Detroit from GreenCastle Media on Vimeo.

Mirbeau Inn and Spa Benziger Wine Dinner from GreenCastle Media on Vimeo.

About Haiti Projects from GreenCastle Video Productions on Vimeo.